What is a rugged phone?


Features of rugged phone

The characteristics of the rugged phone are very simple. It is a mobile phone with slight dustproof, shockproof and waterproof functions. It is mainly aimed at young users who love outdoor sports or professional users with special needs. With its professional waterproof, dustproof and excellent anti-drop and anti-rolling properties, it can be used in extremely harsh weather conditions and special occasions.

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Classification of rugged phones

Outdoor sports type, military type, fashion type.

Outdoor sports and military-type rugged phones have higher requirements for three-proof grades, and can be used in harsh environments, such as water bubbles, deserts, strong shocks, etc. The appearance looks relatively powerful, the function is relatively simple, and the thickness size is generally between 16-25MM. The main users are outdoor adventurers, donkey friends, and soldiers.
Fashionable rugged phone, the level of three-proof is low, mainly in terms of waterproof. This kind of product has a beautiful appearance, the thickness can be made below 15MM, and the function is relatively powerful, and can be loaded with intelligent systems.

The standard of rugged phone

Based on the international three-proof technical standards, combined with the actual needs of the market and customers, the three-proof grade is defined as three grade standards, namely primary, intermediate and advanced (professional grade).

Primary three-proof standard: IP56-5 dustproof grade, 6 waterproof grade, 1.5M drop, regular vibration.

Intermediate three-proof standard: IP57-5 dustproof grade, 7 waterproof grade, 3M drop, regular vibration.

Advanced (professional) three-proof standard: IP68-6 dustproof grade, 8 waterproof grade, 5M drop, regular vibration.

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