About product warranty
The warranty period starts after you purchase the product. If you need to apply for warranty, please contact us by email (service@mymione.com) or contact us via WhatsApp (+971564517888).

About receiving the wrong product
When you receive the wrong product, please contact customer service (WhatsApp+971564517888) as soon as possible, we will deal with it immediately, you may need to provide physical photos for verification and processing.

About logistics damage
Please be sure to inspect the goods carefully when receiving the goods. If you find any abnormality in the outer packaging of the goods or the appearance of the goods themselves, you need to point it out to the delivery staff on the spot and reject the entire package; if you find the appearance is abnormal after receiving the goods, please sign Contact customer service within 24 hours, you may be required to provide physical photos for verification and processing. If you do not apply within the time limit, it will not be accepted.

About the actual product does not match the description on the website
Because the manufacturer will change the product packaging, origin or some accessories without any prior notice, it cannot be guaranteed that the goods received by the customer are exactly the same as the pictures, origin, and attachment descriptions in the mall. It can only be ensured that it is genuine from the original factory and is consistent with the same mainstream new products on the market at that time.

If you are temporarily inconvenient to receive the goods
Hello, if it is temporarily inconvenient for you to receive the goods, when the courier calls you during the delivery, you can negotiate your needs with the courier, and the courier will try to arrange it for you.
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