Warranty service
The product warranty period is 1 year, and maintenance applications can be submitted within this time frame. If it is due to quality problems or failures, with the quality inspection certificate of the manufacturer's maintenance center or special maintenance point, you can enjoy the return within 7 days, the replacement within 15 days, and the warranty service within the warranty period for more than 15 days!

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After-sales service phone: 971-50-147-6888

mymione promise
For products sold and shipped by mymione.com sellers, the platform sellers provide invoices and corresponding after-sales services. Please rest assured to buy!
Note: Because the manufacturer will change the product packaging, place of origin or some accessories without any prior notice, the company cannot ensure that the goods received by the customer are exactly the same as the pictures, place of origin, and description of the accessories in the mall. Only ensure that it is the original product! And it is guaranteed to be consistent with the same mainstream new products on the market at that time. If the store is not updated in time, please understand!
Genuine product
mymione.com mall assures you that the products sold are genuine and licensed, and mymione.com products issue machine-printed invoices or electronic invoices.
Statement of Rights:
All product information, customer evaluations, product consultation, and netizen discussions on mymione.com are important business resources of mymione.com, and unauthorized reprinting and use are prohibited.
Note: The product information on this site comes from the partner, and the authenticity, accuracy and legality of the information are the responsibility of the information owner (partner). This site does not provide any guarantee and does not assume any legal responsibility.

Price Description:
Store price: The store price is the sales price of the product on this site, which is the basis for your final decision on whether to purchase the product.
Lined price: The line price displayed on the product is the reference price, not the original price. The price may be the brand counter price, the product tag price or the genuine retail price provided by the brand supplier (such as the manufacturer's guide price, suggested retail price, etc.) or other real and well-founded prices; due to differences in regions, times and market fluctuations, the price of brand counters, commodity tag prices, etc. may be inconsistent with those displayed when you shop, and the price is for your reference only.
Discount: Unless otherwise specified, the discount refers to the discount ratio or discount amount calculated on the basis of a certain price such as the original price or the underlined price (such as the brand counter price, the commodity tag price, the manufacturer's guide price, and the manufacturer's suggested retail price); If in doubt, you can consult us before purchasing.
Abnormal problem: The product promotion information is subject to the information in the "Promotion" column of the product details page; the specific price of the product is subject to the price on the order settlement page; Consult us.
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WhatsApp: 971-56-451-7888
Phone number: 971-50-147-6888

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